3 Cool Locks For Your Home

A house should be always be secure place and there are not many other aspects as important as home security. Having the proper and good quality locks on a main entrance can help to improve home security. While it is easy to go with a traditional lock such as a deadbolt or chain lock, there are now many advanced locks for your home.

Digital Locks

Digital keypad locks are very popular and replace almost every type of lock on the market. These locks operate successfully without having any key and no complexity arises to lock and unlock the door. You can perform the operation with the use of one hand only and it is very impressive if you have lots of item in your one hand and you can easily open the door from another one. It is very secure as no one can have idea what code you have set and it is impossible to access. Also it has a facility to change the password and you can do it frequently as per your convenience. If you have forgotten the password again no worries digital locks company having its substitute too.

Fingerprint Door Locks


Here’s how a biometric fingerprint reader works – to gain entry your fingerprint is scanned by sensors that identify the specific mapping of your fingerprint which have already been pre-programmed and marked by computer algorithms and stored in a database. Once your fingerprint is scanned, access is granted within seconds. Therefore, only the people pre-authorized can successfully pass a biometric reader. That’s the magic of it all! There is no key, key card, or number sequence to deal with which can all be passed around or easily stolen. Remember, biometric fingerprint readers are great for residential and commercial use. That’s because the duplication of fingerprint technology is virtually impossible. The act of photocopying a fingerprint to gain access that you may have seen in the movies is make-believe, but biometric technology is not!

Keyless Entry Using Your Phone: Lockitron


Any smartphone can use Lockitron through its intuitive two-button app. With Lockitron you can instantly share access with your family and friends. Lockitron lets you see if your door is locked when you’re gone. It will send a notification when your child unlocks the door using their phone or key. Renters can use Lockitron too because Lockitron fits over the inside of your current deadbolt. Easily take Lockitron with you when you move. Lockitron is compatible with any smartphone thanks to our mobile website. Older phones can use Lockitron through simple text message commands. Lockitron connects to the internet thanks to built-in WiFi. You can control Lockitron and receive notifications from Lockitron anywhere in the world.

While you might like the comfort of having traditional locks on your home, there are still many other options available to you!