Veteran’s Day in Marlboro

Marlboro Township has invited the public to join in a ceremony to honor and remember our Veterans. The event will be held on November 11 at 9:45 with the laying of the Memorial Wreath at the Marlboro Township Veterans Memorial (Marlboro Municipal Complex, 1979 Township Drive).  Police Lt. Peter Pezzullo, a Marine Corp Veteran of the Gulf War, will lead the Honor Guard detail in the ceremonial laying of the wreath.

In addition, the mayor is asking that all unused or damaged American Flags be brought to the lobby of Town Hall to be placed in a bin donated by Marlboro resident and US Navy Veteran, William Waple. Accoridng to the Marlboro Township website, “Mr. Waple has collected and properly disposed of 125 United States flags since the bin was placed in May, 2014.”  He has now partnered with Marlboro Boy Scout Troop 86 who will be responsible for collecting the flags and arranging the ceremony to properly honor the flags that are damaged or no longer in service.


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