Declutter Your Home by Following These 10 Steps

The last thing most people want to do on a day off from work is clean out the clutter in their homes. It could take hours, days, even weeks; and then only to find the clutter rears its ugly head once again. At times, it can seem overwhelming so here are 10 tips that will get you off & running, and help you remove the clutter from your home, once and for all!

1. Stow as You Go

Keep countertops free of items that don’t belong there. Sort and file mail every day and hang up garments after taking them off.

2. Declutter your Kitchen

Give everything a home and toss anything that is broken! For items that you typically toss on the counter (ie. keys, glasses, cell phone), dedicate a small tray or container for them. If you have open or glass cabinets, try arranging plate & bowls by color for a neater look.

3Spend Just a Few Minutes a Day Decluttering

Set aside 15 minutes a day to help you keep disorder in check. For example, sift through a stack of papers on your desk for recycling or deep-six that jumble of expired spices. And if you have to stop mid-project, go back to it the next day.

4 Carve Out a Place to Store Bulk Items

Instead of cramming multiple rolls of paper towels into a kitchen cupboard, add a shelf in your garage or clear out a corner in the hall closet for back stock. Only purchase what you really need and have plenty of space to store.

5.  Keep your Kids’ Rooms Organized

Use bins and baskets that make finding things easier! Also, arrange books vertically so you can easily see the titles.

6.  Streamline Rooms Fast by Tossing Trash

Tackle mismatched plastic containers and paper menus in the kitchen, wire hangers and worn-out sneakers in bedrooms. Recycle what you can and dump the rest.

7.  Give Storage an Expiration Date

Try packing away anything you haven’t used in the last year in a box. After six months, reevaluate whether you still need it.

8.  Use the 30-Second Rule to Pare Down

If you’re not sure whether to keep something, your hesitation may be a major red flag that an item is not really needed.

9.  Divide and Conquer

Group like items into categories- sheets, cosmetics, etc. If you have a lot of clutter, don’t do it all at once! Focus on shoes one day, linens the next, etc.

10. For Each Item You Buy, Get Rid of One in Its Place

Before you bring a new dress home, cast off something that you don’t wear anymore.

For more great decluttering tips from Family Circle, click here!

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