Renovations to Tackle Before Selling your Home (And Ones to Avoid!)

Getting you home ready to sell can sure seem overwhelming. Before you start painting, repairing, renovating, decorating, etc., lets take a look at some renovations that are worth your time, money & energy, and some that are definitely not!

DON’T add any new custom or unique features to your home like a wine fridge or hot tub.

DO paint your cabinets, install new hardware or replace your kitchen counter-top.

DON’T do any major construction or add square footage to your house.

DO replace your roof if it is in poor condition and make the outside of your home look inviting.

DON’T do a major bathroom remodel, even if you think your bathroom is outdated.

DO replace the bathroom sink or faucet, and give your bathroom a fresh coat of paint.

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Manalapan Announces Full Day Kindergarten

Manalapan Superintendent John Marciante announced that as of September 2014, full day Kindergarten will be implemented throughout  Manalapan Township.

In a letter to residents, he wrote: Given the increased demands of the Common Core State Standards, it is not in the best interest of our students to delay full-day kindergarten implementation any longer. With minimal impact to current programing, we will be able to create space in Clark Mills, Taylor Mills and Milford Brook Schools to house the additional kindergarten students. 


Additional information regarding the implementation of full-time kindergarten will be released as it becomes available during the upcoming months.


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Open House Sunday 11/17 From 2-4PM! 9 Cozy Drive in Malalapan, NJ


9 Cozy Drive, Home For Sale In Manalapan, New Jersey




Open House 

Single Family Home
Main Features
7 Bedrooms
5 Bathrooms
1 Partial Bathroom
Lot: 2.01 acre(s)
9 Cozy Drive
Manalapan, NJ 07726

Jodi Goldberg Jodi Goldberg

(908) 770-2150

Listed by: Jodi Goldberg with RE/MAX Central

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Selling your home this Winter? Here are some tips to warm up your space & help your home stand out:


1. Keep snow and ice at bay.
The top tip from agents: If the buyer can’t get in easily, the house won’t sell. That means keeping walkways and driveways free of the frozen stuff. Just like trimming the lawn in the summer, you want to make the home look like it’s been maintained. If you’re away frequently or live in an area that’s subject to bad weather, it can pay to hire a service to regularly salt or shovel the driveway and sidewalks.

2. Warm it up.

If you’re showing during the winter, think “warm, cozy and homey,” says Ken Libby, owner of Stowe Realty in Stowe, Vt., and a regional vice president of the National Association of Realtors.

Before a buyer comes through, adjust the thermostat to a warmer temperature to make it welcoming. “Sellers like to turn the temperature down because of heat costs,” says David Ledebuhr, president and owner of Musselman Realty in East Lansing, Mich., and a regional vice president of the National Association of Realtors. “But buyers who come in and aren’t comfortable won’t stay long.”

If you have a gas fireplace, turning it on right before the tour can give the house a little ambience, Libby says.

With a wood-burning fireplace, you’ve got to be a little more careful. If the house is vacant, don’t chance it. But if you’re still living there and will be there during the tour, it can be a nice touch.

Many times, sellers leave right before the agent and prospective buyers arrive. In that case, adjust the heat to a comfortable temperature and have the hearth set for a fire. Buyers feel the warmth and see the potential, and you don’t have to worry about safety concerns.

3. Take advantage of natural light.
“Encourage showing during the high-daylight hours,” Ledebuhr says. At this time of year, “if you show after work, you’re totally in the dark.”

Make the most of the light you do have. Have the curtains and blinds cleaned and open them as wide as possible during daytime showings. Clean all the lamps and built-in fixtures, and replace the bulbs with the highest wattage that they will safely accommodate. Before you show the house, turn on all the lights.

4. Get the windows washed.
“Buyers act on the first impression,” Ledebuhr says. Windows are one thing that many sellers don’t even consider. In winter, that strong southern light can reveal grime and make it look like the home hasn’t been well-maintained.

5. Play music softly in the background.
To create a little atmosphere, tune the radio to the local classical station. Turn it down so that you barely hear it in the background. “It’s soothing,” says Libby, who finds that soft classical music tends to have the most appeal to buyers. “I think people tend to stay around a little longer and look a little longer.”

6. Make it comfortable and cozy.
Set the scene and help the buyers see themselves living happily in this house. Consider things such as putting a warm throw on the sofa or folding back the thick comforter on the bed. Tap into “the simple things this time of year that make you feel like you’re home,” Phipps says.


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Selling Your House? This Video Series Helps Ensure It’s ‘Fit to Sell’


Selling a home, especially when emotions are attached, is never easy. The new RE/MAX “Fit to Sell” video series is here to help. Tune in each week to discover new tips and strategies for ensuring your home appeals to the greatest number of prospective buyers.

In this week’s episode, a staging expert explains why it’s important to turn your family home into a model home. Although letting go emotionally is a difficult task, you’ll learn why it’s important to disconnect in order to allow prospective buyers to emotionally connect.

Check back next week for a new “Fit to Sell” episode. And in the meantime, speak with your RE/MAX real estate agent today to make sure your house is fit to sell.