Homeowners, Don’t Scare Off Buyer’s By Doing This…

A recent survey done by Inman News brings to light some of the things that really turn home buyers off to a sale. Many of the things that bother buyers about a listing or home has to do with the availability and accuracy of pictures, as well as what happens during the showing. It’s important that you make sure to avoid these things when selling your home, otherwise you may have a hard time closing the deal!


  • Make sure you have them: Make sure you post pictures of your home and yard on Picture3your listing! The thing that irks buyers the most about the pictures of a listing is if there aren’t any. Many buyers rely on listing sites such as Trulia, Zillow, and RealBird to allow them to get an idea of whether or not they think a certain home would be a good fit for them. If a buyer can’t even get a tiny idea of what your home looks like, without actually driving all the way out there and setting up a showing, chances are they’re going to scroll right by it.
  • No fish eyes: When you’re choosing pictures for your listing, you need to make sure that you don’t have pictures that appear warped or stretched. Buyers aren’t going to buy a home based on pictures alone; they’re going to come see your house in person as well. So, if you posted distorted and misleading pictures of your home online, the buyer is going to be aggravated that the house isn’t what he or she expected. Most of the time, that’s enough for the buyer to write off the home. When you’re choosing pictures of your home to put on a listing website, make sure that the pictures are accurate and realistic looking.
  • No Furniture or Toilet Pictures: Buyers are also often aggravated when they Picture4come across a listing with useless pictures, such as pictures of your kid’s craft area or pictures of your beautiful dining room set. Unless you’re including those possessions in the price of your home, you don’t need to advertise these things. Buyers want your pictures to give them an idea about what the house itself is like, not what you’ve chosen to decorate it with.


  • Don’t make it difficult: We know certain situations come up where you might have to turn down a showing or two. Keep in mind, if the buyer can not get into your home to see it they will probably not be interested in buying it. Make it easy for buyers to schedule a showing to see your home.
  • Be Honest: Most buyers will commission a home inspection before actually purchasing the home, so you should be upfront and honest about any work your home may need. If you try to conceal any issues your home may have, the buyer will almost always discover the issues before closing, and may even cancel the sale based solely on your dishonesty. By being honest about work that the house needs, before you try to go into closing, you’ll have a better chance of finding a buyer who is serious about the purchase.
  • Chaos Free: Make sure that during the showing, your home is free of unruly pets and/or children (arrange for them to stay somewhere during showings), as well as other people. Buyers will be put off if they can’t see half of the rooms in your home because people are sleeping, changing, or showering. If you’re serious about selling your home, you should try your best to accommodate buyers during the showing.

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