How To Sell Your Home in Marlboro, New Jersey

While the housing market continues to improve, it is still not the easiest thing in the world to sell a home. Buyers have more options than they know what to do with these days, so it is very important that you prepare your home to sell. Here’s how:


It is imperative that, before anything else, you clean, de-clutter, and de-personalize your home. Your kitchen and bathroom(s) should be spotless; carpets need to be cleaned, and walls need to be washed. You also need to take out any extra stuff that might make your home look or feel cluttered. Finally, de-personalize your home by removing family photos and the like-this will allow potential buyers to imagine themselves in your home.


You need to take at least one picture of every room in your home (not all of these pictures will be on your listing, but it’s good to have options). Make sure that each picture shows your home to be clean, uncluttered, and bright. Additionally, pictures should focus on the best aspects of each room, such as a master bath, a fireplace, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, etc. You also need to include pictures of the exterior of the house (front and back yard). Remove cars from the driveway before taking pictures, and add seasonal, colorful plants to emphasize the warmth of your home.


Put up signs! You should have a sign in your front yard that says your house is for sale and includes your real estate agent’s information for interested buyers. You should also offer a fact sheet/ takeaway brochure for potential buyers that includes at least one picture of your home, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, lot size, square footage, flooring type, and any other interesting information about the home, neighborhood, or community.

But a sign in the yard is not enough anymore….

Online Exposure:

Over 90% of home buyers start their search online. You need to make sure your home is on all of the top real estate websites to reach the maximum number of buyers. Find a real estate agent like Jodi Goldberg with RE/MAX Central that is an expert in this area. She knows how and where to properly market a home to sell it for the best possible price in the shortest amount of time.

Open House:

Don’t forget to host an open house or two! This will give interested buyers a chance to find out more about your property, and could very well solidify their interest. You could also offer private tours to buyers who can’t make your open house.

Inform potential buyers about all the things that make Marlboro a great place to live. You can direct them to this site for information on upcoming events or even to this site for useful information for new residents.

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