Local Events in Freehold, Manalapan, and Marlboro, New Jersey

The state of New Jersey offers an array of exciting events as well as a multitude of resources and means of entertainment. Freehold, Manalapan, and Marlboro, New Jersey are not excepted from this.

Freehold has a fantastic site (http://twp.freehold.nj.us/) where residents can find out about local events, such as the very popular Oakley Farmhouse Spring Festival. Additionally, this site offers current and dated news stories, information on local garbage and recycling pick up, and other general information about Freehold, New Jersey.

To view upcoming events in Manalapan, such as The National Night Out (Against Crime) on August 7, 2012, you can go to: http://www.mtnj.org/index.php. This website also features a community calendar, information and opportunities for employment, information on committees and departments in Manalapan, ways to get involved in the community, and so much more!

Marlboro also has a website (http://www.marlboro-nj.gov/) chalk full of information on the town, local events, schools, and more. Marlboro even has a special day (Marlboro Day, on September 9 of this year) in which they celebrate their community. Furthermore, the site has all sorts of information on the committees of Marlboro, departments at your service, work opportunities, and tons of suggestions for entertainment purposes.


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